Maryann’s Italy “New Moon” Set Visit Report

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Here are the Rob tidbits from Maryann’s report,

Then LOUD SCREAMS, had to be only one guy causing that kind of noise! Yep Robert Pattinson walked out from that building and straight into the car waiting to take him away. He wore his blue checkered shirt. He didn’t wave or anything but he’s shy so I didn’t expect him to. Not in costume or makeup.

So after a while we heard loud cheering. Had to be Rob on set again lol. Well this dragged on and on for a while, it was HOTTER THAN HELL that day. I felt sorry for these extras in their heavy capes and one actually almost fainted due to the heat. The Italian security came to the barriers with water for the onlookers which was a nice surprise!

Then, mayhem broke loose. Yep ROB again. Ppl pushing and screaming like crazy, if I didn’t know better you’d think I was in the first few rows at some rock concert! Well out he came, in FULL Edward makeup and costume. White shirt. Seemed to be in full Edward mode too as he made some “scary” face coming outta the car to the crowd, but he ended up looking hot and funny instead lol. I snapped THAT picture! Later I saw the exact same shot (just a little closer than mine was) on a gossip site (think it was Just Jared) so some paparazzi had to have snapped that moment the SAME time I did!

This time Rob was definitely back to his usual shy self. He just looked straight ahead and went into the car. He wore his sunglasses, the same blue checkered shirt and dark pants.

Then as that car drove down the alley, nobody paid attention to the car following it..I looked up and it was another black car but with black windows…my new buddies from US, the mom and daughter got a GREAT view as the windows weren’t as black as they first appeared to be, Rob looked right at them! I just saw the back of his head! PPL were so surprised that nobody screamed, that came as the car had passed when ppl realized who really was in that car LOL! So yes after a slightly boring day but still a nice one with new friends we STILL got our fix that day.

Then later on a short break while the next sequence was set to be filmed, this time splashing in the fountain I think which was done by Kristen’s stunt double, Azura (I think that is how her name is spelled!). Lorri, waelchen and I just kinda walked towards the opposite end of the Piazza from where we were..towards where we knew Rob would stand when they filmed the reunion scene between Edward and Bella as she tries to stop him from exposing himself in the sun to the crowd there.
So just milling around, moving up the steps until we found our place. Nobody placed us there, we placed OURSELVES there lmao. We were instructed by the main supervisor there to look towards the procession and Church when filming, NOT at Rob and Kristin as they shot their scene. Well, easier said than done when you got a hot looking actor in THAT body standing on the doorstep with NO shirt on! I definitely looked between takes, also during the first 2 takes took a sneak peak while filming but TRIED my best to only slightly tilt my face in that direction whilst still being underneath my hoodie lol. Not sure if I failed. Yet they had to film that sequence several times, (NOT cos of me lol!). After the first 2 takes I stopped doing that. I looked where I was told to look and only looked at Rob and Kristin between takes. I had a great view lol. During filming I focused on listening to the lines spoken and caught most of Kristen’s lines, Rob spoke too low to hear what he said.
At one time Kristen got REALLY loud…screamed from the top of her lungs it seemed and I didn’t see it happened but she SLAMMED into Rob as she jumped up on him and he almost fell over lol. Needless to say they had to do another take cos er, well, a tiny looking human isn’t suppose to knock over a vampire…right?
So yet again another take, and during these takes, for those who doubt if Rob’s abs were real or not, they were! There is NO faking that stuff, not when you get as close of a view as I got later that day, yes makeup was applied to ENHANCE them to make them stand out more to show up on the silver screen. To make it look good, but they are so real! I also couldn’t believe how tiny Kristen looks. Seriously this girl is shorter or AT LEAST my height but her body is more than half smaller than me! LMAO. I felt really fat next to her hehe! She is really pretty in person though. All of the actors looked great in person and I think they even looked BETTER in person than on pictures/screen. Needless to say I drooled when I saw Rob but kept it internally. Not one to lose my posture when I am suppose to be working! I do have my work pride after all.
So after a few more takes, it was time for a break….I sensed the production team was quite happy with the extras that day. They seemed cheerful and in a good mood. It was also the last day for Rob filming so most of principal shooting was finished on that day.
But during that break something happened that I didn’t particularly appreciate from the Italian team and I am sorry if I offend Italians out there but what occurred was uncalled for an unnecessary. One of the Italian crew announced that “He” (meaning Robert) would come out and greet the extras, all of us cheered (someone translated this for waelchen and I so that is how we knew). Then after a little time they announced that sadly it wasn’t gonna happen after all as Rob had refused to come out. He wanted to go for lunch instead. The Italian crew wasn’t impressed and well as we went towards the Fortezza for our lunch they kept blaming this on the US production crew and Rob (literally saying that they didn’t care that we traveled from afar or got there early in the morning) making it sound like they were all primadonnas. What a bunch of crap! I told one of the US ladies (Lisa from Philly, Hey Lisa!!) that this sounded VERY much like a lame excuse and some way of blaming the US crew for something that wasn’t planned in the first place. Seems to me it was the Italian crew who thought this would be cool to do for the extras and although that thought was sweet, they could have handled the “rejection” from Rob in a much more professional manner and not sound like a bunch of brats with putting all blame on the US crew and Rob. I was pissed off at that.
He had the NERVE to ask for a favor cos Rob had “refused” to come out to greet us and wanted to go for lunch instead, apparently not bothered with the fact that ppl had come from afar and got up early to be a part of this. So this dude asked us for a “favor”. I could NOT believe my ears when the Italian girl next to me translated for me. He asked us to BOO Rob as he got out from that main building and walked back to his hotel!! I was shocked, furious and horrified but such nonprofessional behavior from a crew member. I mean come on! I said loud and clear in English I had NO intention to boo anyone, that is ridiculous and unprofessional, totally uncalled for! waelchen was as pissed off too.
So when Rob came out, yep some fans DID boo…unbelievable! Some of them were right behind us. Waelchen and I cheered as LOUD and clapped as hard as we could to tune them out. We both looked at Rob and what does he do? He looks in our direction (could have looked at any of us but it was in OUR direction where we sat at least lmao) and smiled! No idea if he heard the booing, I do believe the cheers were louder than the booing thank goodness but man I was majorly pissed off!
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