*UPDATED* MASTER POST | DAMSEL | LOS ANGELES PREMIERE & PROMOTION | Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska & The Zellner Bros Attend The Los Angeles Premiere Of #DamselMovie At ArcLight (June 13, 2018)

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What: Damsel LA Premiere & Promotion Day
When: June 13, 2018 – Wednesday – 9PM PT | 12PM ET | 5AM CT
Where: Los Angeles USA – Arclight theater





What’s something that she added, especially for her character being so important?

[…]DZ: What was so great about working with [Pattinson and Wasikowska] is that they were so fearless in doing these roles, and we wanted actors who had not done roles like these before. And I think that they’re roles that people would shy away from, the different facets of the character and the different way they fit into the story structurally. It’s a testament to their confidence and their enthusiasm for challenging themselves and doing these things. I think the stuff that normally scares people away, they dove into wholeheartedly and loved those dynamics. That was fantastic. It would have been really tough if they weren’t [laughs].


There’s a song that Pattinson plays in full toward the middle of the movie—I know that you guys wrote it, but how much time did you have to prepare with him on it? 

DZ: I just like the idea of having musical performances in things, and music inspires us just as much as movies do. And when we knew that he was a talented musician, that was an appealing thing. I think just a lot of westerns have cowboy songs in them, but in particular I really liked some Ricky Nelson singing in “Rio Bravo” …

Yeah, it sounded more contemporary. 

DZ: Yeah, we love that.

NZ: I think David recorded a demo on his phone, and he worked with Octopus Project to come up with a melody, and then we sent that to Rob. Rob was great on the guitar and just picked it up. We had a fun night when he was singing—

DZ: That was the weirdest night when we were directing, just looking in each other’s eyes [laughs] with Robert Pattinson singing this song.

NZ: We noticed that the first time he was doing it that the crew was all electric at four in the morning.

It’s like a true movie star moment, but with such a bizarre character. 

DZ: Yeah! [laughs]

NZ: I know that we used just one take. We could have cut it up with different takes, but he was solid and we didn’t have to do anything. It was more about how many times we want to show David reacting [laughs] with these goofy eyes.

So it is perhaps not quite so surprising that they both clicked into the Zellners’ offbeat vision of the West and the unusual tone and unpredictable structure the brothers bring to “Damsel.”

“I love those kind of comedies where you’re playing everything very real and serious and the comedy is in the setup,” Wasikowska said. “The scenario and the dialogue is funny enough that you don’t have to play the humor as much.”

“You could theoretically have set it, with a few little tweaks, as a contemporary indie relationship comedy,” Pattinson said. “It’s just sort of bizarre that you have it as a western.”






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