More Insight Regarding “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” Reshoots @screencrave

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Reshoots are usually buzzed about because it’s often a sign that a film isn’t working, but director Bill Condon has gone out of his way to assure Twilight fans that the recently announced reshoots for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II are just par for the course. He also hints that the film is about to unleash its full trailer shortly.

Condon suggests that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be involved with the reshoots, but makes no mention of Taylor Lautner, which also suggests this is just a touch up or two. As the two-parter was shot as one long movie, this really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Reshoots are often seen as a bad thing, but that’s usually because they’re done after a test screening shows the movie’s problems. It’s possible this is more than what he says, but it seems unlikely.

In the annals of reshoots, sometimes the new scenes work, and sometimes they’re just used as scotch tape to cut sections of a film that were scrapped. Woody Allen notoriously reshot one of his films (September) in its entirety, while recently we’ve heard word on both John Carter and Men in Black III doing extensive reshoots. But you know what also went back to get more footage? The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It seems that bad buzz iss saved for films that are already troubled. The film is due out November 16.