Moviemaker Magazine Interview with the Zellner Bros (Rob Mentions)

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MM: From Robert Pattinson’s performance in The Safdie Brothers’ Good Time to this film, it feels like he’s reached a new level in his physicality and how he’s able to use his body and presence on screen.

Nathan Zellner (NZ): When you watch old westerns you realize especially how much movement is involved. Rob is a physical actor; his whole presence is part of the character he wants to build. That development plays into everything we want to show on camera. That was the element we were sticking the Samuel character in.

DZ: We try to have what we’re going for as figured out as possible within the script. When you actually start making it, casting it, everything takes shape from there. We didn’t have anyone in mind in particular when we wrote it, but when Robert came up, it immediately seemed to click. He responded to our previous film [Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter] and resonated with what we were going for in this script. It’s fun giving people liberty to act with their whole body, and this film requires a lot of physicality. He embraced that.


MM: Were there any disasters or major on set difficulties?


NZ: The visual of Pattinson holding both a guitar and a gun actually came before, and then the comedy comes from it looks cool but how do he get out of it.

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