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0:00-0:18 “Robert Pattinson was very nice. You expect actors ,that have reached such a high level of fame, to make lots of demands and be a little whiney. On the contrary, both Robert and Kristen, and the other actors as well, seemed to be very normal people.”

0:19-0:38 ” He( Robert) spent a lot of time alone in the lobby of the Palazzo Comunale, outside the office block, so he occasionally would bump into municipal employees.”

0:28-0:37 “The only request he made was not to be disturbed, because he, more than anyone else, needed to focus for the scene he was about to shoot”.

0:38-0:52 “He has a lot of appeal, and part of it may stem from the character he portrays. Obviously, when he took his shirt off, a cry rose from thousand of people that were gathered in Piazza Grande.”

1:02-1:14 “ They yell “cut”, I turn and here he is: this naked god! And he bursts out laughing! Imagine Robert Pattinson laughing right there in front of you! I was literally trembling!”

1:31-2:37 “ Welcome to Villa S.Bruno, in Montepulciano, where the cast stayed during the shooting of New Moon in May.

Robert is also a musician. He had his guitar with him and in the evenings they would gather in the garden where Robert played some music. I asked him where he lived and he told me that his house was his luggage. Outside the gates there were hundred of fans ,but nothing dangerous happened. One parent took a picture of Robert, who was taking some rest in the hammock, from the swimming pool.”

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