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hello reddit. thanks for having me. hopefully this isn’t lame for everybody… death grips were one of my favourite bands for years. i played thru the walls once in my house on new years eve and people went from 0 to insane so quickly i knew they were something really special. my speakers all blew up from the song too. then they randomly were sitting next to me in a restaurant a year later eating salads which kind of surprised me. i started talking to them and they were awesome. we initially were gonna do a video together, and then almost started doing a movie. but through the process became really good friends. the song came about when zach recorded that bit of guitar on his phone then made it into birds. when he played it to me it was maybe one of the most proud moments in my life. and the photo of us and beyonce came from when we went to her concert drank so much red wine that we all had black teeth and i was trying to find a place back stage to get all the stuff off my teeth and bumped into beyonce so we took a picture.

Let’s talk about Rampart, people!

love rampart. lets talk about it. sorry i have literally no idea how to do this. so I’m just replying to random questions

Robert, if you had the chance to star in Game of Thrones, which character would you pick?

hodor for sure

Did you read/watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? If so, what did you think of the plot revolving around Cedric?

have not read yet but i’ve been intending to see the play for months and months

and are you also a Hufflepuff IRL or would you be a different house?

i’d be a hufflepuff even if harry potter wasn’t a book

Robert, your performance in Good Time was nothing short of incredible. What were some of your favorite scenes? Any particular challenges? Can’t wait to see it again!

thank you!! glad you liked it.. the whole movie was a total blast.. but i really loved doing the stuff in the apartment at the end of the movie with buddy duress. i think he’s a really gifted actor . also everything with jennifer. and tahliah. and everybody basically

First off, Congrats on having such a banner year so far. I was curious, Lost City of Z looks like it was such an intense film to shoot–any memorable experiences from making that?

I was also interested in getting your thoughts on independent cinema gaining more of a foothold on streaming services vs. traditional theaters. As an actor who’s been featured in films showing on record-setting amounts of screens (Twilight) and in films co-financed by companies outside of the studio system like Amazon, I’m curious as to your perspective on this trend.

Last, any dream projects of yours you wanna make someday?

Thanks for the AMA!

hey man . thanks a lot… i think streaming services have been amazing so far for independent cinema. they just brought in an enormous amount of financing which had become almost non existent before. and there are great people running the film divisions of these companies at the moment. ted hope at amazon has always been incredible. it does make me so happy though when you see independent cinema chains becoming more and more popular. there is nothing like seeing a movie in a theatre for me.

Hey Robert, glad to have you with us! I’ve noticed you’ve really stayed out of blockbusters since Twilight, so do you ever plan to go back to them or just do films on the lower end of budgeting? Not complaining either way dude!

hey man. the hope is to make every movie a blockbuster i guess…but I’m always on the look out for projects across the budget spectrum. larger budgets just get a bit scarier though because the stakes get exponentially higher and more people involved are afraid to relinquish control

Hey Rob. Please explain this. Did you lose a bet? https://heavyeditorial-files-wordpress-com.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/w820/s/heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/robert-pattinson-bad-haircut-meme-4.jpg?quality=65&strip=all&w=780

if you try it , you will understand why

Hey Robert! I recently saw the short film you starred in and wrote “Robert Pattinson Desperately Needs a New York City Hot Dog” and loved it! How did that project come about?

hey.. we just had to shoot a thing for the digital part of gq. i was in the middle of doing press for good time and we hadn’t actually got a plan to shoot anything. so me and vikram ghandi who directed it came up with the whole thing in about 15 minutes and shot it in about an hour. its about being crazy.

Any funny stories from filming Goblet of Fire? Also my mom says hi

ill try and think of one. hi to your mum

Had the immense pleasure of watching GOOD TIME at Cannes the morning after it premiered. Outstanding work, the film is solid and your performance is next level.

My question is: What are characteristics you prefer of a director when working with actors? What are things you notice that make you think “Oh okay, I’m in good hands”. I’m in film school and this is something that terrifies me whenever working with actors. Thanks!

thank you very much!! with directors, in general I just like people who are pretty fearless. once you start shooting a movie so many people try and push the director in so many different directions almost immediately that they need to be pretty headstrong to still make what they want to make. and also when you’re on set with certain directors you can really feel like they’re seeing what you are giving. it sounds ridiculous but sometimes there are so many other things to be organised on a set that when you actually shoot they lose focus on what we’re all actually supposed to be doing. also for a director to have an interest in acting and performance themselves is always helpful

What up, Bobby P!

In terms of actual on-the-set film production, what do you find to be the biggest challenge?

i think once you’ve finally got a movie into production and you’re on set. its all gravy. unless the director is an asshole. which isn pretty rare. its so difficult to get movies made that i always find it such a relief when you’re actually making them

Monster munch or skips?

pickled onion monster Munch

Robert what’s your go to drink at a bar?


Do you ever think about joining social media?

only in dark moments

Why did you choose to be a part of this film? What attracted you to play Connie?

i thought the script was really strikingly original. i don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. it seemed really provocative but also very honest and funny. i felt like it came from a very personal place to the writers. which is kind of what i always look for

Hey Robert, have you ever been approached to do a television series? I see a lot of actors in the past few years saying they are seeking out television roles so that they can dive into a character more frequently through an episodic format rather than a contained 90 minute or 2 hour film. I would love to hear your thoughts on doing this kind of work.

P.S. your performances in Cosmopolis and The Lost City of Z were fantastic and I’m seeing Good Time this weekend. Keep up the good work!

always open to doing something on television I’ve just never found the perfect thing. i like doing performances where you don’t really have to hit marks in the plot arc in really obvious places and television helps you with that a bit. i think. thank you! and i hope you enjoy the movie!

What was is like working with Cronenberg?

he’s great. he’s been one of my heroes since i was a teenager. he’s an incredibly kind and intelligent man. and runs the most calm set I’ve ever worked on

Hey Rob, just wanted to touch base and ask if you’re planning on doing any more music in the future.

Haven’t kept up on your most recent films mate, sorry, but im glad to see you doing well. I remember first becoming a fan of yours watching the DVD commentary for goblet of fire almost 10 years ago and feeling so inspired by the humor and humanity I saw there. It was cool to watch you blow up into such a famous actor after that, but more cool to me that you’ve continued working on your art regardless of keeping it mainstream.

Stay blessed. And if you weren’t considering doing more music, perhaps do.

hey man. i didn’t even realise i did a commentary for goblet of fire!but thanks a lot! i make music quite a lot still. i just don’t really know what to do with it. music industry is pretty rough.

What is your thoughts on working with Liam Cunningham?

he’s great! we went harddddd in budapest together

What was it like working with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis?

I was really impressed by your performance.

thank you very much. it was a really special movie for me . i think its pretty unique . and also to get to hang out with don delillo for a couple of weeks promoting it was pretty incredible

From a fan of cinema to another, if you could have directed/played in a movie of the past, what would it have been?

Ps: congrats for the wonderful reviews!

thank you!! i think its a perfect movie so wouldn’t want to change anything. but i would love to have been in the big blue by luc besson

What book have you read most recently?

sapiens and homo deus. both amazing. and the better angels of our nature by stephen pinker. also amazing. also submergence by j m ledgard pretty incredible too

Which actor and actress would you most like to work with? Ultimate dream scenario.

would love to work with charlotte rampling

what’s your favorite line you said in one of your movies?

lots but i love ‘don’t be confused it will just make it worse for me’ in good time

Hi Rob from Belfast, when you where filming The Lost City of Z here in Belfast what did you like about Northern Ireland and what did you least like.. thank you by the way, love you in the movie

its beautiful. loved working there. i was walking around the coast nearly every day

Hi Rob, I would like to say that I loved The Rover, it’s one of my favorite movies. I’ve been following you for a while and I’m really happy about the choices of your projects and I wanted to know more about Damsel and what you think of the universe of superhero movies, Lily. P.S.: I would love to see you and Emma Stone working together

thank you! love the rover too. and glad that you’re appreciating everything.. damsel is kind of a feminist western but also sort of an abstract comedy, unusual mix. haven’t seen the finished movie yet but hopefully everyone will soon. was really fun to make. and utah is the shit.

How’s your day?

pretty good thank you

What should I get my mom for her birthday?

a candle

How did you feel while filming Cosmopolis? Did you feel that the role or the film itself suited you? The movie itself was an enjoyable blunder, but I wonder what kind of experience it was to film it.

enjoyable blunder???!! i think you should watch it again

Do you fold or scrunch?

toilet paper?



Do you ever feel like a fraud?

yeah all the time. even when I’m not doing anything.

On the Howard Stern show, you mentioned that, as a kid, you got really good at stealing porn magazines, which you would then sell your fellow students at school.

You also mentioned that, one day, you got a bit too brazen and ended up getting caught.

Presumably you were building your own personal stash of your favorite mags taken. What happened to your stash after your criminal enterprise was dismantled?

theres still some probably in strategic drain pipes around south London

I used to work as a server at a restaurant where the all the cooks thought I looked like Edward Cullen in twilight. My nickname around the restaurant became “Twilight”, resulting in many jokes about me not being able to go in the sun because I’d get sparkles in the food, or how I looked like I had no blood flow. While it was funny at first, it did get pretty annoying, so now I desire closure. My question is: I want to know if you think I look like Edward Cullen because I’m pretty sure you’re the absolute authority on whether or not I do. Here is a picture. http://imgur.com/a/a4ZQ2

yeah you’re identical

Hi Robert, very looking forward to see Good Time, I get the After Hours vibe and I think it’s going to be my cup of tea. Moving on to my question, probably not the first time you get it, how tough was it to break apart from your role in Twilight, was it difficult to find your own path after that, it’s not easy to comeback from a major role in a franchise since people associate you with that role, but I feel like you made a great job moving on (Maps to the Stars, Rover, Lost City of Z, etc.), did you had a plan to move forward right from the get-go?

i always just want to try and do something very different every time i do a project. i don’t know really how difficult thats been because I’ve always been pretty lucky in the jobs that come up

Are you pals with Marcus Foster? I love your cover of I Was Broken

thanks. yeah marcus is one of my best friends

Hi Robert! I was wondering how it feels knowing you will forever be a part of the Harry Potter franchise, and by extension many peoples’ cinematic education and childhoods?

its a lovely feeling. it was genuinely a really special experience working on it. and ended up being really life changing for me

What’s your life like outside of acting?




Hi Rob! Here’s a movie industry question that women unfortunately have to field all the time but I’m curious to know your take on it – because the topic of equal pay is a hot one in Hollywood right now, would you accept less money for a role so that a female costar could get paid more in line with what she deserves? Thanks and good luck with your many awesome upcoming projects!

yeah for sure. if i wanted to work with someone, of course. you want to work with the best possible cast and you also want everyone to feel good before you start a movie. if theres a bunch of drama in the contract negotiation stage theres gonna be bad blood before you even begin.

Hello Robert, this is a random question but do you have a friend who is on the autism spectrum disorder? And if not, would you be friend with an autistic person? I’m autistic and I think you’re really nice guy and would be a great friend to have around. All the best.

of course! i have many friends who are on the Spectrum

Hey Rob could you give us a top 5 or top 10 albums? You’ve made it clear that you’re a big music fan so it’d be cool to know some of your favorite stuff.

theres no place like america today by curtis mayfield is insane. I’ve been listening to it on repeat

Working with Claire Denis.lucky bastard! Congrats


Have you ever been starstruck? By who?


Hi Robert, I’m from Western Australia and really love seeing Good Time although it’s not here yet I’ve been following the film and your performance. I was wondering if you knew much about First Nation film makers in Australia? One movie in particular resonates with Good Time. It’s by Ivan Sen called ‘Beneath Clouds’. You should check it out sometime. Your performance is exceptional in Good Time.

thank you ! i will check it out

How do you feel about people using your image for memes? Is it just par for the course of being in the public spotlight, do you enjoy some of them or does it bother you that so many trolls are out there simply trying to bum a guy out?

its pretty difficult to bum me out

Hey, Robert, I never really played attention to your work because I despised twilight that much. But after hearing you on Nerdist and realizing you seem to be a pretty cool guy I’m excited to check out the new movie.

My question is would you be interested in doing another major franchise such as something in the MCU or DCEU?

Sorry for being a dick and ignoring your work.

hahaha no worries! maybe one day

What recent movie trends do you hate and which ones do you appreciate?

Also the movie looks really good, I’ve been avoiding the trailer and reviews so I could watch it without knowing much.

good plan. hope you like it

Hey Robert,

Any chance you listened to Oneohtrix Point Never before the movie? What do you think of his music?

i hadn’t before. but i love it now

Rob can you just notice me it’s my birthday

happy birthday!

I have a question

You’re impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change colour, and sometimes you speak like you’re from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don’t go out in the sunlight. …

How old are you?


How many mosquito bites did you get during filming for The Lost City of Z?

i don’t get bitten by them. blood too toxic

What’s your favorite movie you’ve worked on and why is it Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King?

how did you know that was my favourite??

you sucking?

i don’t know if this qualifies as a statement or a question. but i like it

Hey bruh. When it comes to bicycles, do you prefer multi-speed, or fixie?


My step-sister says she totally knows you but I don’t believe her. Do you know a Justine?

yeah i think so…say whats up for me.. think i got to the bottom of the list so i guess I’m done. this was fun. thanks everyone! and hope you enjoy the movie to everyone who sees good time this weekend!

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