Picture & Details: The #DiorLoveChain Including Robert Pattinson – All For Charity!

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Source (Thanks to @LeRpattzClub)

Chain letters usually get a bad rap, but Dior is about to change that narrative. Launching today on Instagram, The Dior Love Chain is new, sure-to-be viral campaign, that asks the deep question ‘And you? What would you do for love?”

Film your answer to the question, post it with the hashtag #diorlovechain, then tap others to continue the Dior Love Chain by posting the answers to the question on their own feed.

For every Dior Love Chain post, one dollar will be donated to WE Charity, a charity that leads global initiatives that aim to break the poverty cycle.

We can’t promise you’ll have good luck if you send this chain letter, but you’ll definitely have good karma.

Source (Thanks @Ibabysky for the tip!)