Rob on UK Show TMi

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Our friend Abby has a report on an interview Rob and Kristen gave yesterday on the UK show TMi. At this time, there is no video on the website or YouTube but Abby will be looking out for it so we can post it! In the meantime, she reported a run down of what happened during the interview. Thanks as always Abby!

The interviewer (Sam Nixon) had a guitar and asked all he questions by singing them to Rob and Kris. Rob was mesmerised with watching him play the guitar and kept laughing at the way the questions were being asked. Kristen didnt seem to get it. I guess it was british humour.

One of the questions asked “the movie is scary….am i going to be up all night terrified?”
Robs answer was “maybe til about 2…2:30” lol then he laughed.

They were also asked “the movie is scary…what was the scariest thing which happened on set”
Rob answered that the scariest parts were the stunts which he had to do…like climbing trees etc. Sam then said “did you actually do your own stunts?” and rob replied “erm….no” and laughed like a hyena! lol

The other questions were just the normal “whats the movie about” blahblah!
And “what was your favourite scene to shoot” with which Rob answered “the car stunts were pretty kewl”. Sam then said “but you didnt do those either did you?”…..Rob said laughing “no” lol