Updated: Rob Spotted Out in Los Angeles Last Night! Where? And With Who?

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Rob was spotted outside arriving with a friend and  leaving Chateau Marmont last night in the back seat of a car  with a brunette. Rob was sporting a white undershirt , black jacket with dark blue denims along with his signature A Cut Above hat.


Update: Some additional thoughts by fans!


It looks like he arrived with his friend Jaime Strachan who looks to have been staying with him and left in the car of his friend Nick. Yesterday was the official birthday of Nick so maybe they went to celebrate at CM

The guy in the grey hoodie is Jaime I’m assuming. There was one pap pic of Jaime from Saturday outside of Rob’s house helping with the setting up of the party. He’s also sitting in the front seat, you can just see his hoodie.


Jamie is an old friend of Rob’s, I believe. He lives in NYC, is a model and artist (photographer?) and is originally from the UK. He was with Rob and crew on Isle of Wight one New Years Eve, if I remember correctly.

(The girl in the backseat) I don’t recognize her, but I believe that is Nick Jarecki’s car. If so, I’d assume it might be his wife, but no idea.