Filming in a limo for so long wasn’t claustrophobic.

“I actually kind of enjoyed it,” he says. “In the beginning, I wanted to stay in the car for the entire day. But it was so unbearably hot. I couldn’t really do this method.

“The car made me really concentrate.”

“I don’t even know what accent I was doing half of the time,” he admits. “I always found that the dialect was written in the lines.”

[Receiving support from Kristen Stewart at the Cannes screening] “In the end, it was amazing to have each other’s support. Her presence at the gala screening of the movie made me really nervous. She was sitting in front of me. I kept looking at the back of her neck, trying to find out if she was liking the movie or not [laughs]. I only relaxed when, at the end, Kristen told me she loved it.”

“If my daughter or whatever came home reading some DeLillo stuff when she was 15 I’d be like…That’s impressive!”

“When I got this part [Cosmopolis’ Eric Packer], every single article that came out, was, ‘R-Patz’s struggle for credibility!’; I don’t understand who invented that thing, ‘R-Patz’, I want to strangle them. But once you’ve made that step, everything afterwards is not like, ‘R-Patz’s continuing struggle for credibility!’ You’ve got to come up with something else, so it gets a little bit easier.”

[Before the Cannes screening] “David [Cronenberg] tells me the night before, ‘I’m fully expecting some boos’. I was literally like, ‘Why are you telling me this?’”

“Originally, the sex scene with Juliette was supposed to happen in a hotel room, but David found it more interesting for it to happen in the limo. You have to ask yourself a question: how do you film, with success, a sex scene in a limo? Well, you end up bumping yourself everywhere in the car *[laughs]. The worst is that I met Juliette Binoche, who is one of my favorite actresses, right before filming the scene. And 5 minutes later, we were writhing in the limo… Very strange. But yes, it was more appropriate in that space.”