Robert has been featured on a few of his films soundtracks. It is widely known he has talked about making an album in the future but never pursued it as he didn’t want to be viewed as “using” his “Twilight Saga” franchise successes to launch a music career.

Damsel Soundtrack
Track: Honeybun
Performed by Robert Pattinson
Details Pending….

Government Plates
Track: “Birds”
Played Guitar
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Songs from a Room
Track: “Its All On You”
Performed August 2010 in London, England

How to Be Soundtrack
Track 2: “Chokin’ on the Dust Part 1”
Track 7: “Chokin’ on the Dust Part 2”
Track 22: “Doin’ Fine”
Release Date: 04/28/2009
Credited as: Robert Pattinson
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Twilight Soundtrack
Track 10: “Never Think”
* Co-Written by Sam Bradley
Bonus Track: “Let Me Sign” (iTunes Only)
* Written by Bobby Long and Marcus Foster
Release Date: 11/04/2008
Credited as: Rob Pattinson
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MySpace Unreleased Tracks
Track 1: “I Was Broken”
* Written by Marcus Foster
Track 2: “Roam”
* Written by Marcus Foster
Track 3: “Stray Dog”
Track 4: “I’ll Be Your Lover Too”
* Written by Van Morrison
Credited as: Bobby Dupea

Who is Bobby Dupea? This is a secret name Robert used on MySpace to put up some music he was working on. The MySpace was leaked in June 2008 by a prominent Twilight fan site. The original, public MySpace has since been deleted with no official word as to why. Since its deletion, several fan music MySpace’s have popped up under the same name or different alias.

  • The name Bobby Dupea comes from a character Jack Nicholson portrayed in a film called “Five Easy Pieces” (1970). As you may already know, Jack Nicholson is an actor Rob aspires to be so the name choice isn’t real that unusual when you think about it.