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“Fortunately I didn’t listen to her”
His teacher suggested that he can do any job except the actor. But, at the age of 31 Robert Pattinson has conquered Hollywood, millions of fans around the world and gained so much money that he doesn’t even know what to do with all of them. Done with the vampire era, now he prefers ugly and poor characters rather than good people who are destined to save the world.

You can consider me a visionary, but I know who is Robert Pattinson. Who he really is.

I became one of his fans after meeting him in person. It was 2011 and he was promoting Water for elephants, basically his first movie that wasn’t dealing with vampires. An intermezzo between Breaking Dawn Part I, that was released few months later, and the second and last part of the saga, that was released the year after. I don’t remember much neither what I asked him nor what he answered, but I remember the emotion that he made me feel.

During the last Cannes Film Festival, Good Time got a six minutes standing ovation. Many people have commented: “Finally Robert Pattinson made it”. Something really weird since we’re talking about an actor that, when he was about twenty, he had already gained, his words, so much money that he didn’t even know what to do with all of them. The Lost City of Z (which will be released in all the Italian theaters from June 22nd) was presented last February during the Berlinale. The story is about the British explorer Percy Fawcett, who got lost in Amazon with his son in 1925. The protagonist is Charlie Hunnam, while Pattinson -which is almost unrecognizable with that huge beard- plays his mate Henry Costin.

It is well known that Robert Pattinson tried his best to change the route after Twilight. Which is the same thing that his ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart did. “At school my theatre teacher told him: ‘do whatever you want but not the actor'” he said many times with the doubt that his teacher was right. “Since then”, he added, “I’ve always felt a looser”.

Since years, Pattinson knows that he can’t get every kind of role, and he follows the directors he dreams of working with and he’s also willing to play minor roles like the ones in Maps to the Star by David Cronenberg and Queen of the Desert by Werner Herzog.

What I remember of our meeting is his intelligence and his croocked view of himself and the World, which is the reason why he didn’t overreact against the rumors of the paparazzi and even his fans. “I couldn’t go shopping for six years”, he said. He didn’t overreact even against the racist insults against his girlfriend FKA Twigs.

“The directors get always surprised when I choose the role that I wanna play”, he said “they take for granted that I want to play the role of the good guy who is destined to save the world”.