Robert Pattinson Signs Autographs at the MacKinnon Cann Inn (Halifax, Nova Scotia) (May 3, 2018)

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Owner of the Mackinnon-Cann Inn:

“Thank you so much for your hospitality. Your place is wonderful! Best always, Robert Pattinson.”

Well the Movie Crew has now left Yarmouth and are on their way to Halifax for the final interior scenes. We were very honoured at the MacKinnon Cann Inn to play host to the entire Production Crew and Robert Pattinson personally. They were a delightful group. The Producers, the Director and the Investment Group along with the Editor and Sound Crew were a once in a lifetime experience. Yarmouth’s finest Hotel was part of history. Robert Pattinson was a delight as were all others. This was a Dear Diary Moment for sure!


12 Year Old Fan:

This past month we got to watch the movie crew and Robert Pattinson come & go right from our living room window as they stayed across the road at the inn. Our wonderful neighbours had him sign a happy birthday picture to Cameron, who’s a Harry Potter fan that turned 12 last week.


Thank you @ibabysky!