#RPWW 2019 COUNTDOWN | Our Best 2018 Moments | Fifth and Final Best Moment: INTERVIEW Magazine (November 2, 2018)

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INTERVIEW MAGAZINE dropped a new interview with Robert Pattinson on November 2, 2018; but not just ANY interview – an interview conducted by THE LIGHTHOUSE co-star Willem Dafoe. As if that wasn’t already great, the magazine also did a new photoshoot with photographer Ryan McGinley and stylist Mel Ottenberg. You can take a trip down memory lane on these photos and other behind the scenes photo in our MASTER GALLERY POST. Laura and I have chosen our favorite quote exchange in the magazine along with our favorite photo!

Kristin’s Favorite Q&A between Robert and Willem and Photo:

DAFOE: How do you deal with the fact that sometimes you’re making movies that aren’t for everyone? There’s this broad assumption that if a film is not popular, it isn’t successful at being a film. That always drives me crazy.

PATTINSON: But if you make something that is incredibly personal and specific and different, then even if it’s just one person who comes out and goes, like, “I really liked that movie,” it connects with them on a slightly deeper level. It means so much more than them saying, “I had a great time watching your crowd-pleasing movie.”

Laura’s Favorite Q&A between Robert and Willem and Photo:

WILLEM DAFOE: You come across as charming in the interviews I’ve seen. Is it like a performance?

PATTINSON: I definitely do get a certain high from it. There’s a little gremlin inside of me that thinks, “Just say something shocking. You’re only here for a few minutes, say something terrible.” There’s a kind of perverse glee I get from that. But I’ve given my publicist a number of heart attacks.

Also, this one made me laugh hard too:

DAFOE: How was the festival in San Sebastián?

PATTINSON: I ended up eating a fish that had an incredibly tiny body and an enormous skull. In fact, it was one of the more off-putting meals I’ve ever had.

You can re-read the interview on INTERVIEW MAGAZINE’S website!