#RPWW 2019 COUNTDOWN | Our Best 2018 Moments | First Best Moment: ‘Damsel’ At Berlinale (February 16th, 2018)

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On February 16th, 2018 (A Friday), in Berlin (for the Berlinale), ‘Damsel’ by David & Nathan Zellner was screened with, in attendance, the directors, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson and his family. You can check the MASTER POST which will link you to the full event!

It was a cold day in February. Windy cold… Unfortunately we could not get tickets to the ‘Damsel’ premiere there and with Tanja (a dear friend of mine) we decided to attend the red carpet… And like any event, we knew we had to be there REALLY early to get at least the tiniest chance to see Rob and the crew… So we were there at 7AM, knowing the premiere was at 7PM. Yes, 12 hours in the cold. My fingers still remember it. I think Rob would too as he saw them going numb as I tried to get a picture… (you can see that in the video)

Being able to report from events, to share these incredible times with you all… It is always a privilege and a gift. It is an honor. And I hope I will still be able to do so to share with you all. Also, let’s be real, meeting this amazing human being is the best way to smile! I will always remember Rob’s impressed face when I gave him the Houellebecq books. This is a happy time!

So here is the first best moment of 2018!

Lots of love!