#RPWW 2019 COUNTDOWN | Our Best 2018 Moments | Fourth Best Moment: Attending Screenings & Promoting ‘High Life’

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This year we had the honor to discover ‘High Life’ in festivals or out in France. Once again, Rob made us discover another gem. Every time or at least, almost, every time, Rob’s movies have a huge meaning to us, to me. It impacts our life in different ways. This one has as well. So first, I would like to invite you to check our master post about the movie’s release dates in the world because YOU NEED TO SEE IT!

We also would like to thank Wildbunch for their trust, Claire Denis for her kindness and Claire Tran who is just a talented sweetheart <3

The first event we were lucky to attend and to share with you was the San Sebastian International Film Festival (you can check the master post HERE to look back into the event), with in attendance Claire Denis, Rob, Juliette Binoche, Scarlett Lindsey, Mia Goth, Agata Buzek and of course Clare, Richard, Sam & Hannah. I had the chance to see them all with the nice ladies Nere and Jess and we were able to watch the movie with the crew behind us. I discovered a movie which touched me profoundly because it is so much more than sci-fi, more than just a lonely man in a spaceship with his baby daughter. I hope you can all discover it too. Here are some of my favorite pictures from there (minus the one with Claire Denis because truly we were both sick so not publishing it again). It was also a pleasure to meet again Sam & his lovely family. Scarlett was (is) adorable!

The second big stone from the ‘High Life’ release in France was to attend the Paris Premiere and talk a bit to Claire Tran who had been generous enough to let us interview her about the movie. Interviews are always imprtant for me because it gives us a different glimpse into the movie, it gives us another chance at watching the movie with a different eye, a different perspective. Every explanation given by Claire Denis at the premiere and before that Claire Tran in the interview made me love the movie more and more. Here is her talking about Rob during our interview red the full version HERE):

9. How was working with Robert Pattinson? 

Lovely. He is super nice, and very calm and concentrated on set.

We got on very well.

10. Do you have a special memory of set with him?

I remember a really special moment when we are in the garden with Mia and Rob, and Mia starts singing. He didn’t know she was going to do that and I saw a spark of emotion and surprise in his eye. The shot was on us, so we were the only ones to notice. That was nice.


The last but not least was to be able to attend the screening at Le Cinema du Panthéon followed by the Q&A with Claire Denis. She is tuly a visionnary, a very sensitive and talented director we are lucky to have in France. It was truly an honor to just hear her talk about the movie, what it meant to her, what Rob meant too… I think the video following speaks for itself.

I hope you’ll get lucky to see this wonderful movie! Here to 2019 as many countries will be able to!