#RPWW 2019 COUNTDOWN | Our Best 2018 Moments | Second Best Moment: RPWW’s Laura Meets and Interviews DAMSEL Directors David and Nathan Zellner (June 18, 2018)

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Kristin’s Thoughts:

The moment I heard DAMSEL directors David and Nathan Zellner were willing to meet with Laura to do an interview, I was speechless. There is nothing like being able to be close to the masterminds behind a film that Robert Pattinson was passionate about. Laura and I spent many hours preparing with questions and a thank you gift to represent the fandom proudly. The interview speaks for the questions but the old fashioned biscuit tin with a horse shoe inside – perfect – right?

The Zellners were so genuine and gracious towards us being ‘a fansite’. In a busy promotional period for the film, they granted us almost 20 minutes and provided thoughtful answers to our questions. One of my favorite exchanges in the interview with Laura was their thought process behind choosing Robert and Mia for the film.

As I expressed then and will do so again now, thank you David and Nathan again. Certified Honeybuns! (lol)

Laura Thoughts:

When I received the email from David Zellner, saying him and Nathan Zellner were willing to meet with me in Paris, I actually could not believe it. Then, I jumped around and then I called Kris. But after that I got nervous because I always have tons of questions and I wanted to do the movie justice. So with Kris we had long talks and we selected questions we both wanted to ask about this incredible movie.

The day of the interview I won’t lie, I was a mess. I even called Kris from the hotel lobby. But David & Nathan were just sweetheart, really amazing and listenning as well as answering seriously despite me being a fan. They shared with us a glimpse into their world, ‘Damsel’ ‘s world. I did not see the movie yet but after seeing it the day after our interview, everything made so much sense. They are so talented and so nice. I cannot choose a moment of the interview because for me each answer was perfect.

I cannot thank them enough. So to David & Nathan, thank you for your kindness and your talent, it was an honor. Truly. And, well, ‘can I share something with you?’ – ‘you’re the horseshoe to my hoof’ (When I heard ‘Honeybun’ for the first time, I could not be more happy for the tin and horseshoe I brought with me for you). Merci.

Let’s relive the audio interview of Laura’s exchange with the Zellner Brothers.