#RPWW Exclusive – Tweets: ‘The Lost City of Z’ UK Premiere @lostcityofz @STUDIOCANAL @studiocanalUK @Amazonstudios @britishmuseum #LCOZ

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This is it, the adventure begins! We are here! #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #BritishMuseum #LostCityOfZ @lostcityofz @StudiocanalUK – Laura

5 hours and 13 minutes until @lostcityofz premiere @StudiocanalUK @AmazonStudios – Laura #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #LostCityofZ

From what I can see, the poster with Charlie on it (Worldwide) is framing the red carpet (green for now as plastic covering it) – Laura

The place looks amazing! @britishmuseum @StudiocanalUK @AmazonStudios @droddham #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere @lostcityofz – Laura

Really touched right now, if you are at the premiere people don’t hesitate to say hi! Always nice to talk to you all – Laura

Find @lostcityofz poster a bit cold in London but cannot complain #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #LostCityofZ @studiocanaluk – Laura

Two hours and 25 minutes! Getting colder there but not long now #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #LostCityofZ – Laura

Security gathering around #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #LostCityofZ @lostcityofz – Laura

Numbers are getting organized. #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere #LostCityofZ @AmazonStudios @StudiocanalUK – Laura

Time when doubts get to you, while waiting in line. Need a lucky charm But thanks to all who follow our adventure! #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere

Still stuck outside for now. Not sure we would go in or not… #RPWWatUKPremiere #LostCityOfZ @StudiocanalUK @AmazonStudios – Laura

Second row… #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – Laura

#RPWWatUKPremiere OMG

Childish but crying. Blurry because he took it xD Love you #RobertPattinson #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere

#RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere James Gray is adorable told him I saw the movie he was so happy! Signed your banner @NereGurutxeta xD – Laura

I took lots of HQ pictures that I will post on Friday night when I come back Rob is adorable and so happy #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – Laura

Sienna Miller is an angel. Beautiful and so nice to fans. She was the one pushing the button for the picture ahah #RPWWatLCOZPremiere

Okay. At the hotel now. So Rob signed my cardboard and was really impressed with the pictures. He took a bit of time to look at all – Laura

He was so happy, smiling, taking time with all the people there. He looked more than gorgeous of course! Pictures don’t do him justice – L

As you may have seen @FKAtwigs was there and took time with fans too 🙂 #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – Laura

Okay let’s try the video I have. It was when he arrived 🙂 he went straight to the interview for BBC LONDON #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – Laura

I was truly emotional today and had a bad feeling but seriously thank you all for your support and love #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – Laura

And I don’t know why but got myself this HUGE poster of the movie… I don’t know how I will do it in the Eurostar #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere

A smile and a smirk Thank you Robert Pattinson for your talent, your kindness. I am so proud of being your fan! #RPWWatLCOZUKPremiere – L