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Please beware of spoilers, even if I am trying not to spoil

‘I am sure you’re going to have a Good Time’ and then Iggy Pops music resounds in the theater.

Ever watch a movie breaking your heart but you still need to watch it and just want it to rewind and start over?
Well that’s what ‘Good Time’ did to me. Twice.

First, let me admit I had tears on my eyes at the beginning and at the end because let’s be honest we have supported this project the best we can since the start and seeing it on a big screen is like witnessing the birth of your own child. I was entranced by it all and so proud to be a witness for this.

From the beginning you can feel the tension, the electricity and the adrenaline. The way it is filmed mixes movie making and documentary with a subtlety lots of filmmaker don’t have. Well let me assure you, the Safdie brothers have it!

Everything in this movie is linked together. The movie making, the actors, the music, the story, the colors, the light, the places. It’s like going to a rave and taking it all on your face. Everything is electric and electrifying. You know the movie is going to be full throttle from the beginning. The pace is set and you just have to relax and enjoy the emotional ride. Because it is one emotional movie, making you shake like a leaf, laugh at inappropriate moments, cry or even want to scream.

The story is magnificent and the characters are pure gold. It was well thought and well directed giving the impression that everything is just a logical turn of events even when you know it is not as the main character only chooses the wrong path every single time. And the movie is about that too, how someone, who wants to be good and trustworthy and responsible, just ends making all the bad decision leading to his own failure but also his brother’s. Maybe at some point you want to go into the screen and shake Connie telling him to think differently but then he is so convinced he could do it that you just go with it thinking he may dream big but what is life if you don’t?

The relationship between Connie and Nick is one of a kind. A beautiful messed up relationship based on Connie only wish to create something, to be someone worthy of someone else whereas Nick tries to get a hold of reality and what is happening in his world. Connie does not entèrent get Nick’s condition and Nick just feels this violence inside him, his own need to survive the world and to just be. These two brothers could not be more opposed and more likely than ever. Because in the end they just try to love one another in their own way.

I loved the way the movie was filmed. It is raw and intense. I have never had to hold my breath for so long. It is fast and then tender at times but everything is set during the night and you feel like the adrenalkne is coursing in your veins with the characters. It is just that intense!
The places chosen were just perfect, the other side of a New York people don’t even think of. Characters who we are not sure we want to meet…

All because of a sprite bottle.

We all wondered what the story was, well let’s just say this sprite bottle marks another bad decision leading to the downfall of the characters. Most of them actually.

The Romance Apocalypse is real.

One place will give you all the answers about the famous jacket Josh & Rob have. And it is hilarious and amazing at the same time.

The music by OPN is a huge part and a character itself. You know when at some point in your life you think there is some kind of background movie being the soundtrack of your life? Well OPN’s music is that. A perpetual sound into Connie’s life bringing the reality out of it and making the scenes more intense and more electric and just more real. The last song, collaboration with Iggy Pop is just gut wrenching (in a very good way), making you tremble and cry because let’s just say it is pure genius. This is a Soundtrack you want to own as it is an unique piece of art.

Let’s now talk about the cast.

Taliah & Buddy. Fresh for one, raw for the other. The two of them support the movie with brilliant performances. Taliah is adorable but to the point from the get go. Buddy is admirable and just acts like his life depends on it. A wonderful discovery on both part.

Jennifer Jason Leigh appears quickly with a strange neurotic crazy character having money thanks to her mom it seems. She brings the lies out of Connie as ever. A good return on the screen even that short.

Benny Safdie as Nick. My. This guy is so talented and so incredible. His face, the way he moves, his speech. You just have to believe him in his character and it is so moving. The first scene is one of the most heartbreaking scene ever. And you just feel it in your heart the whole movie, maybe that’s why you just want Connie to succeed in his quest. But back to Benny, he acts with precision and talent. His eyes tell it all as his body is strong and he looks so confused all the time because of his condition. I have never seen an actor portray a man like this so rightfully. He is the heart of the movie.

Robert Pattinson. I am prouder and prouder to be his fan with each movie release. The second he enters the screen, all black hair and so different from what people tend to make of him, I just fell like Alice in the hole. His presence just takes it all. He is gritty, intense, right, borderline crazy, touching, electric and completely out of his mind. His character tries to give te love he never received but as he always had a wrong idea of what love and brotherhood is, he messes up. Constantly. And Rob, he just brings it to the screen with such an effortless talent, like he just owns the character, he is Connie in so many ways. His performance is out of this world. He just take the screen and hold your eyes for the whole thing. His way of moving, his voice, his accent, his eyes… oh man his eyes. Keep looking at them during the movie because they change while the night is passing. And the last sequence, you see his blue/green eyes disappearing behind a dark black glance which gives you the chills and you are just stuck wanting to read them to try understand Connie. I know I am biased but he deserves the interpretation price. Seriously. He is incredible and amazing and just so damn good. So so proud.

This movie is unlike every single movie you have ever seen. It keeps you running until the end. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. It makes you wonder about life and about those around you. It makes you think about your brother or sister and what you would do for love, to what extent are you willing to go for the only source of love you think you deserve? And at what price?

For me there is no competition. Josh and Benny just made a movie which deserves more than any other the Palme d’Or.

So thank you for this gem, masterpiece, incredible movie that is yours. I have never felt so happy to have my heart broken.

Laura #RPWW