RPWW Wishing You a Happy 30th Birthday Rob! #HappyBirthdayRob #HappyBirthdayRobertPattinson

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Birthday Wishes from Kristin

Welcome to your 30’s Rob! As a 34 year old, I can safely say that it is not a bad decade to enter. I am interested to see what you will do creatively in your 30’s and yes people still care and will care what you do! I created this space in 2008 when I was first learning how to connect with people on MySpace. (lol) How the times have changed…. much like your work…. The Haunted Airman to Life. You are introducing a generation to a variety in what cinema could be and should be. I continue to be a fan of your work and will continue to support it. Happy 30th Birthday Rob! Love, Kristin

Birthday Wishes from Laura

Happy Bloody 30Th Birthday Rob! (Yeah, sounds hilarious while thinking it, not sure about writing it though). I have always loved birthdays because I tend to go overboard with presents, I really love seeing the face of the one who is celebrating and who opens the gifts… I wish your face will be as I imagined, smiling so big it might split your face in two. You are one of the best man we know. I am really proud to be your fan and to be able to follow your career with the fantastic choices you continue to make. I know that, for sure, you will bring light everywhere you go and you will bring to the cinema world your multiple talents. Celebrate your day as you should, meaning having the best fun ever. Be yourself because that’s how we love you. All the best, all the love. Should I say all the cake too? Lots of ‘bisous’ as I say to my nephew. Love, Laura

Birthday Wishes from Brittany

To Rob on his 30th birthday – It’s strange to have witnessed your growth in your worth through the years. I can tell you that after personally hitting 30 just over a year ago, this third chapter in your life feels strange. At least that is how it is for us normal folk. For you, this is a new and exciting chapter in your life and in your career. You have a lot of faithful supporters here to have your back along the way. I’m sure your fans are just as excited for you and this next chapter as you are. May it lead you to nothing but happiness and success.  Love, Brit
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