#RPWWExclusive VIDEO: Tom Sweet Talks ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ & Working With Robert Pattinson @EastEndFilmFest @LightBdeFilms @protagonistpics @metrodomegroup @STUDIOLEQUIPE

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I apologize for the noise… Hope you still enjoy Tom Sweet’s interview. He is the nicest little actor I have ever met. HUGE hanks to his mother who is one of the nicest lady I have ever met. And to Tom who is the nicest almost 10 years old I talked to. He is amazing in the movie and he is to become a big thing, I can guarantee it!


Laura: What can you tell me about the movie so the people can see it?
Tom: Well, it’s a very interesting project… It is very interesting and kinda rare bizarre project and Brady is an amazing man, great to work with.

Laura: And how was it to speak French in the movie? Was it hard for you?
Tom: Very very, it was very very hard to learn it, I’ve got every bit of it.

Laura: What did you think of working with Brady and the team?
Tom: Well, the crew, actors, it was like a big family. And it was really really nice to have this family. And Brady is just great, he kind of tried to really make me happy and told me tricks before filming and he kind of… He knew what I wanted and he got me to portray that by telling me, look that would look great and he kinda told you to try this or this. He kinda knew what he wanted you to do but he was very subtle.

Laura: What is your favorite part of the movie?
Tom: Probably when my dad breaks my arm. It was my first day and it was just my first day ever and it was very acting, arm and all…

Laura: And what can you tell us about Robert Pattinson because you’ve played with him a bit…
Tom: Yeah. I mean, Rob was great. I mean he is a very funny guy. He was there the first week. And he was always happy and one of the familiar faces and he is such a great actor. I just mean, he is great.

Laura: Anything you would like to say to the people, the camera is yours.
Tom: Well, I could say thanks to the audience, for everyone who see that movie because it is very very nice and great. Yes, I mean, everyone who ‘s involved in the set. I mean, the crew, Brady, actors, everyone, it’s just great. It is an amazing project, they’re all amazing.