#RPWWInDeauville EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Answers #RPWW’s Question While Being Interviewed By Journalist! @GoodTimeMov @JOSH_BENNY

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A friend of mine (Laura here) is a journalist and asked me what kind of question I would ask Rob if I had the chance to interview him in Deauville. I gave three questions out of the blue and my friend just surprised me today saying he met with Rob and interviewed him so he chose one of my question to ask it to himn here is the answer. Thanks to my great friend but also thanks to Rob who answered this question with honesty and good will. So touched! (Note that this is the transcript of the answer). As usual, please, if you use this, credit it back to us.

#RPWW Question: Reviews, journalists and some people tend to say ‘Good Time’ is your rebirth as an actor, a kind of revelation, would you agree with that statement or do you feel/think you have always approached your roles the same way you did Connie?

Robert Pattinson’s answer: I think people recognize a sort of character-type, they know some kind of guys like Connie. And as people knew me before, they are like: what, he’s also this guy?! But I approach all characters the same way, with the same prep, the same work ethic. It’s funny because with Twilight some people assumed that was my character, whereas Twilight is probably the fursthest away from my actual character.