San Diego 6 “Eclipse” Coverage and Rob Pattinson Interviews

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Head over to San Diego 6’s website to watch the following videos:

Eclipse Hits Theaters

Faithful Twilight followers and new fans waited in huge lines to see the midnight premiere at theaters across the country. 6/30/10

Rob Pattinson on “Eclipse”

The “Twilight” star talks about his role in the new movie in the series. 6/30/10

Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson talks about Eclipse. Why he panics and the fight sequences we’ve all been waiting to see. 6/30/10

“Eclipse” Fans in San Diego

Fans of the Twilight series get their first look at the new movie. 6/30/10

“Eclipse” Premiere

Fans camp out for days to see the “Twilight” stars arrive for the L.A. premiere of “Eclipse.” 6/25/10