Special Thanks

Jen B. — Thank you for never giving up on the site! The many chats and phone calls made Spunk Ransom live today because of you!

Laura — Thank you for making sure I don’t miss anything!

Shannon — Thank you for the e-mails and encouragement from the beginning of the site building process. You always listened and gave your opinion when I needed it.

Cine and Carol from Pattinson Brasil — Thank you for your help with Coppermine! They also donated some graphics for me to use since I am not very graphics savy. Without these two ladies, Spunk Ransom would have never been finished. I dedicate the first day opening to Cine and Carol of Pattinson Brasil.

My Robert — Thank you to my fiance and love of almost 10 years of letting me be on the computer for hours on end to report on another Robert in my life. I love you.

Robert Pattinson — Thank you for not giving up on acting. It is your talent that brings us altogether here at Spunk Ransom. I hope you can be proud of a space like this that will follow your career choices for years to come.

The Fans — Of course! Thank you for being on Team Ransom!

Other Contributions

Jen B. —  Orlando, Florida, USA — Web Tech Support and former web designer for Spunk Ransom. She is an self taught web designer while in the real world she works in the travel industry. She learned how to web design through trial and error. What a beautiful job for trial and error, wouldn’t you say? She has been a fan of Rob for awhile. She said, “He is the reason I read Twilight and fell in love with it. He is the perfect Edward.” It isn’t only about Twilight though because she is an active member in the Rob community promoting both “How to Be” and “Little Ashes” through the promotional blitz projects at the Movie Fanatic. She said, “You can find me on IMDb and many other messages boards.”

Elizabeth M. — Iowa — Former Media Manager and Assistant of Spunk Ransom. She made sure we didn’t miss Rob on tv or in magazines. She became involved with the website because she was a frequent visitor of our MySpace.

Mareike A. — Germany — Former Co-Owner of the Spunk Ransom MySpace. She became involved with the website because she wanted to be involved with something related to Robert Pattinson. She said, “I became a fan of Rob because of “Twilight”, but I have to admit that I didn’t like him in the beginning. I thought the role of Edward was too huge for him. But then, I became more involved with the movie, writing updates, and I saw pics and a lot of videos too. Suddenly, I saw him and it felt like for the first time I really recognized him. I was mesmerized by his hair (of course) and his eyes. I was interested in every tiny news I could possibly get about him and of course I watched his other movies. After watching his movies I’m always thinking “Wow, this guy can act!”. I feel pretty sure that he can play any role he wants to play. And of course, he captured me with his voice and his songs. He is such a normal guy, with his untidy hair and an old shirt and I hope he stays that way for a long time.”