TENET | FILMING | Robert Pattinson Sighting on Set in Tallinn, Estonia (June 21, 2019)

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Google Translation of Comments in Russian:

Her initial thoughts with her picture

I wanted to paint my emotions after these shooting days, but there are so many of them that it is impossible to put in some adequate offers … Stand with Nolan and his great team, walk past Pattinson, see the coolest game of actors and not only see Hollywood from the inside, be part of a masterpiece .. but it will surely be a masterpiece! How to live now? Without this movement … when all barriers between people disappear … language and age, when 4000 people become one whole clearly working mechanism, when you go to bed at 11, and get up at 4 in the morning on pure enthusiasm … you get high on the sight that waiting for you on the way ..

Q&A with Others on Instagram

gimme.more cool 🔥 was it possible to get a picture / take an autograph with the actors?)

baitsura @ gimme.more no, there was an attempt at the girls when they saw Patinson, but everyone was immediately asked to remain professionals and understand that this was work and workflow. 🙂 After that, no one tried, there was so much working atmosphere that I didn’t even have an idea to go for an autograph) even when Patinson was sitting outside the playground alone))))

baitsura @ gimme.more but it was quite enough that they walked by / stood beside 🙂

Conversation in English:


how was working Rob?


@ibabysky calm, very calm and professional ☝️


How many days were you guys hired to film?


@vatoviq from 4 till 8 days

Thanks @ibabysky for the tip!