“The Trap” Director, Harmony Korine, Likely to Recast the Film @Dazed

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The Beach Bum, the movie you’re doing with Matthew McConaughey next year, is also being shot in Miami. Can we expect similar vibes?

Harmony Korine: We’re shooting it in Florida, but that’s a little different. It’s a stoner movie. It’s a super swampy, boozy film about fuck-ups. It’s what I consider to be my first full comedy.

Because The Trap was almost made last year. We prepped The Trap for a year and were a couple of weeks out from shooting it, and then one of the actors dropped out, and the whole schedule collapsed. Rather than wait another year until everybody was free again, I wrote The Beach Bum.

So, for The Trap, do you need to wait until Robert Pattinson and everyone else is available again?

Harmony Korine: He was free. It wasn’t him who dropped out. But I don’t know. After I’m done with The Beach Bum, I’ll see where everybody is. I’ll probably end up recasting the whole film.