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This is the first time THR has mixed male and female actors on the same roundtable. So what is an issue that you have always wanted to discuss with actors of the opposite sex?


ROBERT PATTINSON It’s a weird thing because as soon as you have to be asserting yourself to a director, it kind of breaks the fourth wall. It’s not supposed to be you when you walk on to set. So I always try and avoid [conflict], and hopefully they’ll just see what they’re doing is wrong. (Pauses.) It never, ever, ever works. (Laughter.) It just gets worse and worse. But it completely throws me off if I have to say, “Hey, this is my process.” It’s like, I don’t know what my process is, there just needs to be some kind of understanding that you’re trying to do something good, you’re not just messing around.


Is there a role or even a line of yours that has stuck with you years later?


PATTINSON No one has ever said this to me, but, “My prostate is asymmetrical.” I always really loved that. (Laughter.) From [2012’s] Cosmopolis. It was me and Paul Giamatti, I say it when we’re crying together. He’s like, “Mine, too.” And we’re like, “What does it mean?” He’s like, “It’s nothing, it’s a harmless variation. At your age, why worry about it?” It’s one of my favorite scenes I’ve done. Couldn’t tell you what it means, but it really means something to me.


Rob, you’ve done smaller films since Twilight. Do you see yourself ever going back to blockbusters?

PATTINSON Getting into Twilight and everything, it all just felt so accidental. I don’t know. I kind of fool myself into thinking there is some kind of macro plan to my decision-making, but you’re just trying to find anything which you hopefully connect to and think you can make a little bit better.


So much of an actor’s career is your choices. Bryan, is there anything on your IMDb page you’d expunge?


PATTINSON Even that spasm of embarrassment you find when you first watch it, you just wait five, six years, and you’re like, “Aw, I actually really like that. I’ve gotten away with it.”

When you were a kid, what did you get in trouble for?


PATTINSON What did I get in trouble for? Lying, lots of lying, lots of stealing. (Laughter.) I love lying.

Well, you are an actor now so …

PATTINSON Yeah. It’s weird, one of the only detriments to getting any kind of fame is you can’t really lie anymore ’cause everyone finds everything out and it’s awful.

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