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OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE: Earlier this spring, we supported the Robert Pattinson Birthday Project to raise money in honor of Robert Pattinson for THE GO CAMPAIGN. The project raised 12k towards the initial goal of $23k. Let’s SMASH that goal and make Robert proud. He will be co-hosting the 2017 GO GO Gala with Ewan McGregor on November 18, 2017!

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We are honored to be an active participant in supporting celebrating Rob Pattinson’s 31st birthday! Thank you to the Robert Pattinson Birthday Project and The Go Campaign for allowing us support them!

~ Kristin and Laura ~ #RPWW

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Robert Pattinson #31ReasonsWhy Campaign

For the third year in a row, Robert’s fans have decided to join GO Campaign in honoring Robert by giving back! Until the end of May, they will be raising money to support refugee girls in the US. In that time, GO Campaign will be sharing #31ReasonsWhy contributions like yours are making a difference. Because when you #GOgive you don’t only honor Robert but you stand in support of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

We want to hear from you too! We ask fans to share with us why you give, what’s you reason? Why do you think it is important #GOgive?

HERE COMES THE CHALLENGE – can we band together to raise $23,000 to help 200 refugee girls in the US in celebration of Robert’s 31st birthday? WE CAN AND WE WILL!

Let’s get those hashtags going

#31ReasonsWhy #GOgive #RobertPattinson #GOCampaign

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Robert Pattinson and GO Campaign Connection

Robert Pattinson has been an incredibly valued supporter of GO campaign for years. His passion for improving the lives of children around the world has allowed him to become an inspiring advocate for GO Campaign’s mission. In 2015 we had the honor and privilege of naming Robert as our first Ambassador! Truly, we couldn’t feel more grateful to have his continued support through the years.

In our 10 years of existence, Robert’s fans have helped raise over $200,000 for GO Campaign! This is a powerful testament of what can be achieved when we put our hearts together.

Your Support Helps 200 Refugee Girls!

Funds raised by Robert Pattinson #31ReasonsWhy Campaign will help GO Campaign support Girlforward in addressing the needs of adolescent refugee girls. This organization currently serves over 100 girls annually through their mentoring program, after school tutoring, and summer camp programs in Chicago and Austin.

girlforward-23-1Over the last five years, Texas has resettled more refugees than any other state in the United States. Refugees arrive without jobs or a place to live. Many don’t know the language or how they will secure a job. The only thing they know is that they cannot go back home. Child refugees often have the burden of being the ambassadors for their family. They must learn the language and culture quickly so they can translate for their parents and help ease the entire family’s transition. Daughters usually must bear more of the responsibility to help their parents assimilate to their new home.

The funds you raise will help Girlfoward expand their Austin program to include monthly workshops and a school-based after-school tutoring program. These new program components will enable the organization to reach an additional 100 youth!

Your Donation by the Numbers

With a $10 donation, you can provide 1 refugee girl with access to after-school tutoring services for one month

With a $35 donation, you can provide healthy snacks for 100 refugee girls for one week of tutoring.

With a $100 donation, you can train a mentor so they can provide one year of support to a girl refugee

Prefer to donate using Paypal instead of the GO Website? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your personal account
  2. Click on “Pay or Send Money” on the right hand side
  3. Go to “Send Money to Family and Friends”
  4. Type in our GO Campaign donations email, donations@gocampaign.org
  5. Write a note to let us know that your donation should be allocated to Robert Pattinson’s 30th Birthday Campaign
  6. Click “Next” and on the final page click “Send Money”
  7. Once we receive your donation, we will update the thermometer with Paypal donations at the end of every day. Please note that all donations made through the GO website will automatically update the thermometer.

We will send you a TY letter!

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