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In ‘Good Time’ by Josh & Ben Safdie, Robert Pattinson is a loser trying to fing money to bail his disabled brother out of jail. New York City shallows as a decor and for this role, the british actor did not hesitate to make himself ugly. Ten years after the first ‘Twilight’, the ex vampire comes back on his career, his life, love, fans, women and… his passion for japanese toilets. : In ‘Good Time’ by Joshua and Ben Safdie, you are unrecognizable. Beard, pale face, crazy eyes, doubtful hygiene. Aren’t you afraid to disappoint young girls who put up posters of you since ‘Twilight’?

Robert Pattinson : (laughs). I think it is a come back to basics. You know, before getting the role for Edward in ‘Twilight’ I did not have good looking guys roles, but once you have the label, as soon as you got out of the register you are liked for, people don’t understand anymore! How many times in my life did I walk in the Streets, with a not so fresh look and dirty clothes. In the end, you always had a ‘Twilight’ fan nearing me and saying ‘Wow! You are so handsome!’ but honestly I was repulsing! In reality, you must admit there is a loss of objective perception! Cinema is a powerful media, it marks so hard that reality is not seen anymore!

How did you become this ‘underground’ character?

I asked to be left alone for a few weeks. I wanted to do this immersion work by myself. Without outside help. You cannot play a lost guy, a guy on the edge of a cliff, if, while filming the movie, you go back to your palace hotel room or comfy trailer! For this role, I lived in a cellar in a Harlem building! Sordid place. I took care of never opening the curtains, it was always dark. So, I became pretty pale. In real life, as a respectful british man, I have a light skinned, but then, it was like I spend weeks Under water!

You must have walked in circles in this cellar? How did you kill time?

I just hang out! My only occupation was to open tuna cans during two months! I ate so much of these I must have poisonned myself with mercury! Sometimes, I would add on some spicy sauce! Just to vary he pleasures! I would take it all with coffee. I cannot tell you how many Nespresso capsules I had!

Ten years without a break

You play a bank robber in ‘Good Time’. Have you ever steal something in your life?

Yes! One time at the hotel I stole all the soap! Don’t tell anyone! (laughs)

In ‘Good Time’ Connie, your character, has a weird Relationship with Jeannifer Jason Leigh. He tries to take sme of her money. We were wondering if Rob Pattinson ever did that to one of his girlfriends in real life?

Yeah, it may have happened once! A time when I was broke and did not know how I would end the month. The only difference is that Connie has a heavy way to do it. That said, a few years ago, I filmed in a movie, ‘Bel Ami’. The character was much worse as he slept with women to steal their money!

You are now a famous and well known actor. What are you missing the most with this kind of notoriety?

Travelling without movie promo or Professional obligations. Without being in representation. It has been ten years since I had a real break! But I am the only responsible for that. There’s still a part of my brain pushing me not to take a break, to always go read a good script. I tell myself ‘Don’t say no! You could miss the chance which will never present itself again!’

The first ‘Twilight’ on screen, it was ten years ago! They say when you got the offer to audition for the saga, you were close to stop acting. You must be happy to have persiste?

I was in London when they mad me an offer from Hollywood. It’s true, I was bored to be an actor. I thought I had seen it all. I invested myself to music telling myself ‘cinema is behind me!’. Until one of my agent, based in the states, contacted me and told me about ‘Twilight’. He tried to convince me for hours to go to this audition. I finally aid ‘okay’ without even hoping to get it. When *I think about it, I was so debonair, so out of it that I still Wonder how I did it! (laughs). You know, the cinema, it happened by chance. I was destined to make music. Between that, destiny got in the way! Around 16, I met a girl who really wanted me to act in a play. It’s to make her happy I did and then in front of a camera!

Admit that the end of ‘Twilight’ was like freedom for you?

Don’t be mistaken! I loved playing Edward. He was a rich character, complex, mysterious and ith lots of different facets. We could have exploit this for a long time. But in the end, I am sure fans would have disliked it. People are not stupid. They would have understood we just pulled the rope. That being said, there’s something I will never regret, this fucking contacts and the pale white make up which blocked my pores. I don’t regret the convention either. I have a fondness for these 10 years old girls who asked autographs. But I admit I could not get used to the ‘Twilight mums’, you know these family mothers, often around 40s, who scream at you as soon as you wave at them!

Is it true you offered a $10,000 toilets because you lost a bet to Josh, one of the directors?

True! I have to tell you what happened! So siw months before the Cannes festival, Josh came at my house in Los Angeles. At some point, he asked where the restrooms were. When he came back, he was just so happy because he just experienced my Toto. Japanese toilets full of electronics. It was the first time Josh had hot air blown onto his backside. Let’s say he looked pleased because he was excited. At some point, I told Josh I would offer him a Toto if the movie was selected for Cannes. As I lost my bet, I sent the infamous toilets to Josh. And one for his brother too, Benny. I chose a less expensive version though! The first who got his Toto was Josh. He texted me telling those were not the same as mine. So I did not have a choice than to respect my promise! I sent him a luxary Toto! (laughs). I tried calling the japanese company to just give me one. But Toto did not answer favorably to my reuest! (laughs)

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