TRANSLATED INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson At Ease In His Thirties Tells Us More About What He Aspires To With Femina (Swiss Magazine)

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Scans thanks to @LeRPattzClub – Translation by Laura, please credit if used!

Cinema: Robert Pattinson, from sew-symbol to junkie

Cult actor for the ‘Twilight’ fans, Robert Pattinson dreams of a Jack Nicholson career. He multiplies experimental movies and is going to star in the newt Claire Denis’, one of the director who has inspired him.

He can be called Robert Pattinson, he may have been an entire teenagers generation’s sex symbol, and possess a need of Cronenberg cinema more than Luc Besson. Without denu=ying his role in the ‘Twilight’ saga, the british actor breathes with ease at the idea to be 30: ‘until now I had fought to be only seen as the dark seducer who played vampire on screen. At 31, I think I have finally turn that young page, even if I know I have everything to prove‘.

An astonishing modesty for an actor who – except from David Cronenberg – has filmed with James Gray ‘The Lost City Of Z’ or Werner Herzog ‘Queen Of The Desert’ and who plays a less than glamourous bank robber in ‘Good Time’, releasing on September 13, 2017. But his Indy movies taste comes a long way: ‘Thanks to my parents, I discovered, when I was a teenager, worldwide artists. We had a huge video library‘, he confesses. It is then that he discovers the one who inspires him on a daily basis: ‘I am fascinated by director Claire Denis since my Young age. I have seen numerous of her movies in DVD. ‘White Material’, with Isabelle Huppert is without saying her masterpiece, but I aslo love one of her first movie, ‘No Fear, No Die’ from 1990‘. A passion which will make him show one aspect of his personnality, the perseverance. ‘It has been years that I have been fighting to work with Claire Denis and we are getting there, finally. We were talking for the last three years about ‘High Life’ which is a mysterious and magical script; the action takes place in space, where a father and his daughter fight to survive to an experiment beyond their grasp‘.

James, Marlon et Jack

Less a t ease to answer the next question, Robert Pattinson puts his hand in his thick hair, smiling: ‘James Dean, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson, here are the three actors who made me want to learn about cinema… It’s not really original I know!‘ He laughs loudly, now less embarassed: ‘There are so many people saying Brando, Dean or Nicholson as inspirations that I am a bit ashamed‘. Nevertheless he got near the famous James Dean as he filmed ‘Life’ where he played photographer Dennis Stock, who shot certain famous photos of the actor who died at 24, in 1955. ‘I would have refused to play James on screen but to be his relative, the confident who immortalize Dean… it was interesting‘, he admits. ‘And to be honest, I think James did everything to look like Marlon Brando who was a better actor than him!‘ he goes on, before adding: ‘Well, at the same time, all the young people who want to succeed on screen have to mention those two names…

From comedy to horror

But if he had to choose one, it would be Jack Nicholson: ‘I have discovered him in ‘Flight above a nest of cuckoo’ I was 13. His performance impressed me so much I started dressing up like him, to have his gestures, his expressions. I even tried to have his accent but I was not good at it‘, he admits, laughing. ‘I would love filming with him but no roles for Jack Nicholson came to me… Nevertheless it’s not fault to talk about this desire as often as possible with Hollywood agents. I hope it would happen one day, but more than playing at his side, I would like to follow his path, to have an atypuical career, as his; go from one cinema style to another without having a label. I have a deep respect for people like him, who know how to go from drama to comedy, from horror to a romantic role without anyone ever doubting their capacities‘.

As for women in his life, Robert Pattinson talk about those who were important in his youth, his mother and two older sisters, but goes quickly about his love life: ‘I don’t want to talk about my heart friends, it played badly in my past, when the relationshit ended‘. A shy way to talk about his three year relationshit with british singer FKA Twigs, who, it seems, took her distance as of lately. ‘Let’s keep that for another conversation‘, he evades with a last smile.

What makes him high is JUNK FOOD! ‘Diet soft drinks, fast food… I know my body will tell me to stop one day or another, but for now I just enjoy

His unexpected gift: ‘I am brilliant at karaoke! People say about me that I am somber, closed off, shy but nothing better than a karaoke night with friends and some

On his shame list: ‘My sisters dressed me up as a girl calling me Claudia. I asked my mom to destroy the pictures, but I suspect she kept some

His last giggle: ‘On ‘Good Time’ set, I visited a prison, unnoticed but the first inmate I crossed path with told me ‘Hey! Everyone knows who you are!

His buzz, Robert Pattinson bald? Platinium blond for the movie for ‘Good Time’, he just had to mention the loss of some of his hair because of it so that the buzz made it all around the internet. ‘ I have enough hair left for now’ he laughs. ‘But that’s true that the experience was unpleasant‘.

His woman news: ‘I would like to work with Maïwenn. I have seen her movie ‘My King’ in 2016 in Cannes and I have Fallen Under her charm. It is one of my favorite movie from the past twelve months‘.

His actuality in ‘Good Time’, releasing on september 13, he is unrecognizable in a junkie role who tries to bail his brother after a failed bank robbery. Noticed in Cannes, the movie is seen in the states as the movie which gave Robert Pattinson the most interesting role ever.