TRANSLATED INTERVIEW | VIDEO | FRANCE 24 | Juliette Binoche & Claire Denis Mention Working With Robert Pattinson In ‘High Life’

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About ‘High Life’ from 1:20 to 7:38

About Rob – From 4:11 to 5:18

Journalist: Since we are talking about reunion. There is the one with Robert Pattinson. ‘Cosmopolis’ by David Cronenberg, once again a closed place, the limo.

Juliette Binoche: I did not do anything (laughs)

Journalist: How did it go with Robert Pattinson and how is it to work with him?

Juliette Binoche: It was, well good. There was this complicity. And he is also kinda solitary, Robert. He really wants to have social relationships but because of his character, who directs us of course because of our actor’s consciousness. There was this complicity but some some kind of distance to it.


Claire Denis: I did not want him mute but tender, carnal but a bit distrustful too