TRANSLATION – LE JDD Magazine: ‘I Prefer Finding Roles By Myself!’ Robert Pattinson

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Ten years ago, he met the French press for the first time in a palace, place de la Concorde, invaded by hundreds of screaming fans for hours. At that time, Robert Pattinson planted fire in hearts as the romantic vampire of ‘Twilight’, but kept his head on his shoulders. He did not change, still introverted and ill at ease when he has to talk in public. Last weekend, while at the Deauville Festival, which honored him, the 31 year old British actor was unrecognizable physically, very thin and with short hair. For ‘High Life’, which he is filming right now in Germany for Claire Denis. ‘I spent lots of time to run after her. I sent her emails to convince her to give me the role. I cannot say a thing, except it takes place on a spaceship. Sci-fi with Juliette Binoche!

On Wednesday, he will appear in ‘Good Time’, a thriller directed by Benny & Joshua Safdie, figurehead of American Indy cinema. In New York, two brothers, Connie & Nick, mentally disabled, rob a bank. But the the bank employee tricked the bills bag. Incapable of running, Nick is arrested by the police. Connie tries to bail him out… With a constantly moving camera and close to the faces, the Safdie brothers tell the nocturnal oddysey of losers fighting their way out. Hypnotic, the story shows an ineuctable downward spiral, with an electro music a bit too present, but offering Robert Pattinson an astonishing character.

He stalks directors

I try finding interesting script to improve myself, he says. I see myself as an apprentice. My love for cinema does not stop growing. I would be devastated if I became unemployed‘. He has no worries to have. The actor, revealed by the ‘Harry Potter’ saga made judicious choices, from Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg (2012) to ‘Lost City Of Z’ by James Gray (2017).

Art and essai cinema has no visibility in the states, but it is the one that fits me. All these authors have peculiar universes. I want to blend in it, to disappear in it. So the audience forgets about Robert Pattinson. Changing the way I look is a good way to do it.‘ Sure, he does not earn the same money as he did for blockbusters. ‘I don’t spend a lot and I don’t have a family to feed!‘ He applies the same method with Calire Denis: stalk the directors. ‘My agent reprensents at least two other actors who are in competition with me. I prefer finding the roles myself!