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En route for Paris to Brady Corbet’s Masterclass AND #TCOAL at @CEfilmfestival camera ready, phone 100% charged! Let’s do this! – Laura

Here I am! Arrived early for Brady Corbet’s Masterclass 😁 Less than 15 minutes to go inside! #RPWWatCEFFParis Laura

Let’s do this! Follow @robpattinsonww on Twitter for live tweets during Brady Corbet’s Masterclass 😁 #RPWWatCEFFParis #bradycorbet

People are starting to gather for the Masterclass 🙂 #RPWWatCEFFParis

Heard someone saying, only the interviewer will get to talk to Brady, looks like no questions could by the audience #RPWWatCEFFParis

Sorry had no signal in there. First row. No Rob mention but really interesting seriously #RPWWatCEFFParis

Brady talked about his career and about how the idea came for #TCOAL trying to catch him

Funny Brady remembered me #RPWWatCEFFParis

BIG NEWS Brady remembered AND agreed to take my batch of questions & answer to those on my email! #RPWWatCEFFParis

Okay just went out of the movie. Wow better the second time. Impressive!!!! #RPWWatCEFFParis

#TCOAL is as wonderful as I remembered it. The music, how it is filmed, the actors… Brady is a talented brilliant director #RPWWatCEFFParis

Robert Pattinson, even if we don’t see him the whole time is the key character. He is disturbing and incredible #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

Brady Corbet is really an amazing guy, talking to all the people going to him and asking questions #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

He qualifies Scott Walker’s music as avant-gardiste and powerful, which is definitely it because music is one of the main character #TCOAL

I was as amazed by Tom Sweet, who is really an amazing little actor bound to become so much more. Talented, adorable #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

Brady actually stayed outside the theatre after the movie but could not stay, nevertheless I heard him answered questions about #TCOAL

My favorite scene is the key scene, meaning the last part called ‘A New Era’ or ‘Prescott the bastard’ #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

I love this scene for the music, definitely the title because you cannot deny it is funny… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

But I also love it because of the way it is filmed and how Brady played with the camera… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

I remember the first time I saw it. I thought everything was so speedy, probably because of the twist at the end… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

Nevertheless, this time I have enjoyed every second, like as I knew the twist I could see each move, each part #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

#TCOAL is definitely a movie you rediscover every time you see it. It was almost like seeing another movie because of some parts I missed…

About the talking with Brady Corbet: I was shocked he recognized me and he actually thanked me for being there… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

… I should have been the one thanking him but was too amazed I guess… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

… So I told him I had an interview planned, with 12 questions I wrote on a paper at work… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

… I asked if he would be willing to answer by email and he said he would be happy to do so… #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL

… He took the paper, read the email address to be sure and put it in his pocket!!!! 😁💙 #RPWWatCEFFParis #TCOAL


As usual, I arrived early at the Lincoln Theatre but I needed to get my invite and try to have the best seat for the masterclass. Brady Corbet was giving interviews at the Publicis Terrace just before it so he must have arrived around 7:05/7:10PM CT.
The theatre was nice, not too small not too big, the set up was nice even if the lights were strong.

The Masterclass began with two ladies (one speaking English and the other one translating in French). They introduced Brady Corbet and his whole carrer, which he conluded laughing and asking if they wanted to know the date he had lost his virginity as well.
I just wanted to congratulate the lady who translated everything back in French. People needed it and she did so brilliantly, really. Good job on that one!
Brady talked about how he prefered being a director or at least creating films more than being an actor. He said he loved movies more than being in one, which explains a lot why he chose some of his roles (often psychopaths as was mentioned during the talk). He likes bringing something pure to the movies he works in, he used the word ‘pure’ quite a lot, to express his way of thinking about the cinema in general. He also admitted he accepted being in the TV show 24 for money, which basically helped him getting on lots of projects and becoming the father he needed to be (supporting his family financially).
Working with people for him is something he does not take lightly in the sense he explained he likes working with people pushing the boundaries as well as their own limits and always going farther and farther from their comfort zone. He likes going beyond what is expected in order to create this pureness he talks about fondly.
Lots of questions were about his influences, how he saw the cinema nowadays and how making movies make him change the course of TV leadership. He made a good joke on ‘Games Of Thrones’ which I cannot put into words because I don’t remember it properly…
The last question was about the movie, ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ and how he had the idea of making the movie. He said he read something by Margaret Macmillan, who wrote about the time of the Treaty of Versailles and he said it haunted him and made him read more articles and then getting to read the short story by Jean-Paul Sartre. It has taken him ten years to get several influences and several types of archives to create this wonderful movie. For him, it was not a question a recreating the era but to actually make people understand how a time we live in can influence our path, that sometimes the world we live in makes us really… He did not want to copy any movies of that time, he really wanted to go further into how could someone become a dictator or at least become some terrifying person.
The interviewer asked him if the child could be a kind of representation of Brady himself because of the Young age he began filming but also his relationshit with his single mom… Brady told him that every single movie is a part of him and influenced by what he lived. The thing is you always put a part of yourself in a project and it is by your expériences and your influences that you create something.

The Masterclass was truly amazing and nicely lead by the interviewer!

After the masterclass and before the movie we had to get out of the room, which we all did as well as Brady Corbet. We were outside for a few minutes and I took my chance to go say hi to Brady, even if he did not remember who I could be, at least he would know we support the movie and we try our best… I promised the girls I will try to get a longer interview so I put on my brave face and went to him.
The look of recognition on his face was priceless to me, I thought I imagined him until he said ‘Hey so nice of you to be there’, and being the pessimist self I am, I asked you really remember me? which he answered by a ‘yes of course I do, how are you?’
Well, let me tell you, the fangirl in me jumped around, the news staffer was delighted and all of that made a very giddy Laura…
I told him I would love to give him a piece of paper with questions I prepared because I really wanted to interview him for the website… He greedily accepted, smiling and asking for the paper which I gave him with my email on it. He read the email to me to be sure everything was okay and told me he would happily answer those questions as soon as he could, by email. Then he put the paper in his Pocket and I asked if it was okay to take a picture for the site, he smiled again and off we went to take a picture (thanks to the lady who took it with my phone!), so he brought his arm on my shoulder and we tried to not look too tired (did not work too well but it was a great experience).
After that I let him be and we went back to the theatre to see the movie which he presented briefly and watched with us.

I could not stay after, nevertheless I can tell you Brady stayed to talk with anyone who would have questions. He is one of the nicest guy I know. He is interesting, interested and really has a big golden heart. So thank you Brady Corbet for being this incredible human being! Rob was Lucky to work with you and he is very Lucky to have you as a friend.

I also wanted to thank Michel M. Producer extraordinaire who got me invited to this amazing event. You rock but you know it!