Two Fan’s Adventures at the “Bel Ami” Berlin Premiere by @x_jEs_Si_Ca_x with @NewmoonVampire1

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Febuary 17.: Still no sleep. Or wait, thought we sleeped 1 1/2 hour from thursday to friday?! Hard to say, if the brain is asleep, but the body was still awake. But regardless, there was only one goal for us. And we had that in mind all the time! ROB!!!!

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Pressconference at 2pm at the Hyatt! I gave my sec. Cam to our reporter Girl Janine for some exclusive pic from inside ^.^

But damn…what is he doing? He climbs out of the car. He misses us. What is going on??? This may be not true now!!! We were schocked! But then we noticed, that he starts his “Fanwalk” from the left side. And he gave EVERY SINGLE FAN (in first row) a pic and autographs.

Hell!!!! He takes a lot of time. He really loves his fans!!!!

And while Rob was taking the Pic with Julia i talked to Dean. Very funny scene. It´s a pity that it is not at a video! I wanted to make a pic of Rob and Julia from my perspective. Suddenly I stumbled almost with Rob´s arm together and Dean has said something like: be careful! Scared I have moved my hand away and excused me at Dean. And then Ismiled at him and asked: “Dean? Would you give me a smile?” And he has looked further concentrated to Rob and Julia. Then suddenly he turns to me and smiles. So funny. In the following vid you just hear me saying: “Sorry!”but that´s all. =/

Then he gave us a View and said: “Cool outfits!” My mind was´t working anymore and i didn´t understand and all i said was: “What?” He takes my Camera and we smiled and he repeated: “Cool outfits!” *dying* And there was my pic (click the image to enlarge!):

We only gave you a sample of the fun moments NewmoonVampire1 and x_jEs_Si_Ca_x had at the “Bel Ami” premiere, so be sure to visit their blog to read their entire adventure and see all their great photos! Thanks girls for sharing!