UK Telegraph Spoke with Robert about the Success of “Twilight”

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Rob had a lot to say about his newfound celebrity status thanks to “Twilight”. This is a VERY lengthy article so I picked a quote from the article linked below. He said,

“So many younger girls are obsessed with this character and all that desire. They see Edward as unthreateningly sexual.” Indeed, this seems to be the secret to the Twilight saga’s success.

The books’ author, Stephenie Meyer, is a devout Mormon (the idea for her story coming in a dream), and her four novels – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – have a sexual undercurrent without featuring sex itself. “I think that’s true,” concedes Pattinson.

“The success of the books does, I think, comes from the fact that fans can yearn and lust after Edward, and yet certainly in the first book, there’s no actual sexual contact.” Hence young readers can splash about in a pool of teenage lust and obsession, without, courtesy of a cleverly constructed plot, needing to dip into the turbulent waters of scary teenage sex.