VIDEO: Author Tim Heath Facebook Lives His Experience as an Extra on the TENET Set (June 20, 2019)

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TENET discussion starts at 10:21!

My Summary Notes:

  • extras were needed. He agreed!
  • He does not wish to spoil of the film to keep its mystery. He is expected to return tomorrow.
  • He was involved with 1000 extras in a scene and in the second row.
  • There’s a lot action!
  • Filming is expected 7am-9pm tomorrow. If his book (THE SONG BIRDS) sales increase tomorrow, he will return to do another Facebook Live about his filming day.
  • Extras are supposed to turn over their cell phones to prevent pictures from being taken.
  • Some extras have been there for 3 days. The scene they shot today was a 4 day shoot.
  • “Suspect lots of special effects”
  • “Lots of thriller-crime stuff”

We tweeted Tim to see if he was willing to share whether or not he saw Robert on set today. And now we wait….