VIDEO: Konbini Interviews HIGH LIFE Director Claire Denis; Discusses Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis and Twilight

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Translation by Laura, RPWW:

For example, ‘Cosmopolis’ which is an adaptation from Don DeLillo it’s almost logorrhea, with all those words. It’s almost tiring. It concurs with the body’s immobility. It’s like words come as the body is prisoner of the limo. And it’s really strong, this sensation to be in a box with all these words.

In reality, I thought that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were dazzling actors, really. So ‘Twilight’, I think I really loved it. But then too. I succeeded in loving them too, as actors who were not only in ‘Twilight’. After that when Robert contacted me because he wanted to work with me. Well then, truly I got scared. I told myself, ‘No that won’t do’. But, in the end it was really good to work with Robert.