Vogue France Features Robert Pattinson in their Actors with Secret Talents Featurette

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Before reading, I wanted to share that I recognize Robert has done a lot more than sing on the TWILIGHT and HOW TO BE soundtracks so I encourage everyone to check out our discography page! I would ALSO argue he is both A SINGER AND AN ACTOR!

Who? Robert Pattinson
Actor turned singer

Pattinson, who is best known for playing the famous vampire in Twilight, has more than one trick up his sleeve – he’s composed a lot of music for the movies he’s starred in. Since he was young, the English actor has sung and played guitar and piano. For the first of the Twilight movies, he sang two songs on the original soundtrack, Never Think and Let Me Sign, and he also sang three new songs in the 2009 movie How to Be.  Robert Pattinson has often said that if he wasn’t an actor, he would be a musician. In 2010, he received the “Hollywood’s Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians” award, and many sources have hinted that the star is going to release his own blues album one day. “I generally just do stuff that sounds nice. I don’t really write songs in a conventional way. I don’t write lyrics separately, it’s quite instinctive.”

Photo: How to Be by Oliver Irving, 2008