Werner Herzog Mentions ‘Queen Of The Desert’ CBC Canada Radio! @cassianelwes @HichamHajji @QueenfilmFan

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WERNER HERZOG: Yes, I have Salt and Fire, a feature film, a narrative feature film about a mysterious hostage taking in Bolivia, where the leader of a scientific, small scientific delegation is taken prisoner and she’s deliberately stranded in the middle of the largest salt flats on our planet, together with two almost blind boys. It’s very mysterious. Only at the end of the film you learn what happened and why it happened. So Into the Inferno, and now Salt and Fire. I’m getting films confused now. I still have yet another big epic feature film, Queen of the Desert, that hasn’t been released in North America yet.

AMT: I’m waiting for that. Gertrude Bell. It’s the story of Gertrude Bell.

WERNER HERZOG: Yes, but it’s not a biopic. People thought it was a biopic but it’s more about poetry and space and loneliness and about tragic love stories of her. A biopic would be 10 and a half hours long and it probably would be boring as a movie.

AMT: I’m going to be really anxious to see that. Nicole Kidman stars in that, am I right?

WERNER HERZOG: Nicole Kidman, yes.

AMT: Because Gertrude Bell is the great unknown of the—she was the—

WERNER HERZOG: The Lawrence of Arabia. The female Lawrence of Arabia.

AMT: She was his mentor.

WERNER HERZOG: In a way, yes. He stole a lot of information and intelligence but of course, Lawrence himself was a very knowledgeable man and was deeply rooted in the world of the Arabs and in the world of Bedouins. But she was probably the one who understood the Bedouins better than any Western person, probably ever.


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