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[Read Larry’s indepth analysis here!]

@larry411 tweeted,

Have had private discussions about this but no reason not to go public…yes there’s a good chance The Rover will premiere at Venice or TIFF

Either is high profile…TIFF is 2nd in the world after Cannes, #1 in N America Venice may be #2 in Europe, or #3 after Berlin. Desirable.

While many fests want exclusivity RE: submitting to one fest over another, there are exceptions. Many films play Venice then TIFF.

TIFF prefers World or N Am premieres, like most fests, & if it opens in Venice it would still be able to claim N Am preem status for TIFF.

So no reason it couldn’t have it’s WP in Venice then N Am in TIFF although I’m sure TIFF would prefer to have WP there. But both possible.

Just today I led a class on a film that played Venice then Toronto last year. So as long as it’s ready in time, which it will be, it could.

If it DOESN’T play Venice or TIFF the next hi-profile fest would be Sundance. It could also play all 3.

TIFF announcements are rolled out over wks. Last year they started with Galas & Special Presentations on 7/24 & continued every week or so.

Venice announces in a press conference at the end of July. Last 3 years was 7/28, 29, or 30.

The Venice Film Festival is 8/28-9/7. TIFF is 9/5-15. There’s also Telluride but that doesn’t count.

The burning question now is, will the film be ready for showing at these festivals?