Will Robert Pattinson knock ‘Avatar’ off the top of the box office?

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We now know that ‘Dear John’ topped ‘Avatar’ at this weekend’s box office.

Will Robert Pattinson knock “Avatar” of the top of the box office when he debuts his new film “Remember Me”?

That is what studio heads are hoping for as “Remember me” is set to debut.

“Avatar” has become the highest grossing film of all time and seems set to reign at the box office. Director James Cameron once famously described d himself as “King of the world,” but can RPatz and his star power dethrone the king?

The Pattinson star power may mean that “Remember Me” becomes the first movie to top “Avatar.”

The movie is about a strained relationship between a father, played by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, and his son Tyler, played by Pattinson.